When you first get your glasses and contact lenses, you can see perfectly. However, that usually doesn’t last. After you’ve had your prescription for a while, your vision may start to change. You may need to visit your eye doctor for a new prescription. But how do you know it’s time for a new prescription?

Sign one:

You’ve Had the Same Prescription for Years

Even if you aren’t experiencing any other symptoms that you need a new prescription, it may be time to check in with your eye doctor. Just because your vision isn’t blurred and you aren’t getting regular headaches doesn’t mean it’s not time for a new prescription. In fact, if your eye doctor tests your vision and finds that you need a new prescription, you can avoid the annoying symptoms altogether.

Sign two:

You’re Getting Headaches

There’s a link between headaches and vision. If you’re experiencing regular headaches, then they could be connected to vision problems. If you already have glasses, then it’s a sign you should check in with your doctor.

Why Do I Get Headaches if I Need a New Prescription?

Changes in your vision may occur gradually or be so slight that you don’t notice when they occur. Your brain notices, though, and tries to compensate for the change in your vision. This results in your brain and eyes working harder to adjust, tiring them out. The strain results in a headache.

Sign three:

Your Vision Is Blurred

If you find that your vision is blurry, either in one or both eyes, or if you sometimes lose focus, then that’s a sign you might need a new prescription. Blurred vision can happen suddenly and occasionally. It doesn’t need to be constant. Blurred vision can be a sign that you need a new prescription, but it can also be a sign of cataracts, so it’s important to consult your eye doctor if you’ve experienced it.

Sign four:

You Find Yourself Squinting

If you find that you’re squinting a lot, it’s probably time to see your eye doctor. Squinting indicates that you’re having difficulty seeing clearly. Squinting can improve your vision temporarily by increasing both clarity and focus. However, doing it repeatedly can cause strain and headaches. It’s such a natural thing to do that you might not even notice you’re doing it. If you’re getting more headaches than usual, then pay attention to whether or not you’re squinting a lot.

Sign five:

Your Eyes Are Tired

Your eyes might be tired for a variety of reasons. Some of these are normal and don’t indicate any problems with your vision, such as seasonal allergies or not getting enough sleep. However, most of these normal causes should only affect your eyes for a few days. If eye fatigue lasts longer than that, it can be a sign you need a new prescription.

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