Finding the right frames can sometimes be a tricky process. You need to make sure they fit and flatter your face. With frame designs changing all the time. If you have a pair of frames that you like and that look good on your face, it’s understandable that you’ll want to keep them for as long as possible, even when you need new lenses.

Can You Keep Your Existing Frames?

Fortunately, you can typically continue to use your existing frames when you get new lenses, provided that the frames are in good condition and aren’t too complicated in shape. If they’re damaged or worn out, then you’ll need to get a new pair of frames along with the new lenses.

Why Should You Keep Your Existing Frames?

Both frames and lenses cost money. Even if you have to buy new lenses, you can save money by not also buying new frames for your glasses. Plus, you might just like the frames you have. If they’re still in good shape and you like how they look, then trying to keep them with your new lenses can be a good way to save some money.

Where Do You Get New Lenses?

The prescription for your lenses comes from your eye doctor, but you can actually get that prescription filled at an optical shop. This type of shop sells both lenses and frames. Because everyone’s prescription is different, the frames for sale typically don’t have lenses in them to begin with. This means that the new lenses the shop provides can go into either new frames or into the frames you already have.

Why Do You Need New Lenses?

Typically, people need to get new lenses because their vision has changed and their old prescription no longer accurately corrects their vision. This is why regular eye appointments are necessary. Your eye doctor can check your eyes to see what prescription you need. Just because you need new lenses, though, doesn’t mean you have to get new frames as well. Talk to the optician at the optical shop to ask if they can use your existing frames.

When Do You Need New Frames?

You may need to get new frames if your old ones aren’t in good condition. If they’re worn out and aren’t likely to last as long as the new lenses, then it’s a good idea to replace them, too. The optician may also tell you that you need new frames because your existing ones are too complicated to fit with new lenses.

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