It can sometimes be difficult to tell when a child needs glasses. After all, they may not recognize that they’re having difficulty seeing in order to tell you. Fortunately, there are some signs you can keep an eye out for that will let you know that it’s time to take your child to the eye doctor.

Sign #1

Your Child Is Squinting

If you notice that your child is squinting, that’s a sign he or she may need glasses. Squinting can temporarily improve vision if they’re unable to focus clearly on a specific object. You may also want to talk to your child’s teacher to see if they’re also squinting to see the whiteboard at school.

Sign #2

Your Child Sits Too Close

If your child has a habit of sitting too close to things like the television set, it could be because they can’t see it well from farther away.

Sign #3

Your Child Holds Devices Too Close

Holding a tablet, smartphone, or book too close to their face is another sign that a child isn’t able to see clearly. They’re compensating for the vision problems by decreasing the distance at which they’re trying to read or see.

Sign #4

Your Child Tilts Their Head

Tilting the head can change the angle at which your child is viewing something. This could help to temporarily improve how clearly they are seeing. If you notice that your child is doing this when looking at something, then it’s time to visit the eye doctor.

Sign #5

Your Child Covers One Eye

Covering one eye to see is another technique that a child may use if they have vision problems. Usually, a child may cover one eye if they have a lazy eye or their eyes are otherwise not aligned correctly.

Sign #6

Your Child Has Trouble Concentrating

Difficulty concentrating on something like schoolwork can be a sign of something like ADHD but it could also just mean that your child can’t see very well.

Sign #7

Your Child Rubs Their Eyes Too Much

If your child is rubbing their eyes to an excessive degree, then that could be a sign of vision problems. Eye-rubbing usually indicates eye strain or eye fatigue. It’s also possible that it’s a sign of an eye condition like allergic conjunctivitis. Your eye doctor can determine the reason your child is rubbing their eyes after you make an appointment.

Sign #8

Your Child Complains of Headaches

There are many reasons a child could be getting headaches. If your child is complaining of headaches usually towards the end of the day and you notice other symptoms from this list, then it’s likely that the headaches are caused by eye strain.

Sign #9

Your Child Complains of Eye Pain

Another symptom of eye strain is pain in the eyes. If your child tells you that their eyes hurt, it’s likely that they have been straining their eyes trying to see more clearly.

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