Number one:

Lens Quality

Anti Reflective Coating will peel and come off of the lens like a cheap tint job on your car. With higher quality anti-reflective you will not get the peeling of the coating.

Number two:


Any coated lenses from Primera come with a free 1-year warranty. Cheaper online options charge for warranties or are not warranted.

Number three:

Specialty Lenses

Primera carries specialty lenses where cheaper online retailers do not such as the “Eyezen Lens”. This lens allows your eyes to relax while on the computer and includes blue light filters embedded in the lens.

Number four:

Wider Field of Vision

Primera Eye Care provides a higher quality “Progressive Lens” that provides a wider field of vision where cheap online retailers sell older technology that limits your field of view. Primera Eye Care takes custom measurements versus online makes you guess.

Number five:

Ongoing Support

Primera Eye Care provides complimentary adjustments, nose pad replacements, and minor repairs where online leaves you stuck with what you get.

Number six:

Quality Guarantee

Online sells rejected or expired contact lenses for cheaper prices

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